Some Types of Classroom Technology Are Effective in Teaching

Classroom technology can enhance the way they learn and influence how they understand and retain material learned. There are many forms of technology available that teachers can integrate into the classroom. An example of how teachers can use technology to their advantage when teaching is to create websites because it is now very easy to do so. Teachers have many websites available to host them and they include class notes online, school and teacher, educator pages and teacher website among others. These websites make it easy for teachers to start using websites as a form of classroom technology. However, teachers can also create websites by using the Microsoft Office Front-Page software program if they do not need hosting or want to control their own websites.Having a class website is an effective tool for teaching because students like visiting websites belonging to their teachers. Such a website can carry many functions for teachers. For example, it can list the assignments given to the students and make it possible for them to download it, teachers can display work created by students and communicate with parents. The students can also add content to such a website and teachers can have the option of opening it to other internet users.Another form of classroom technology that teachers can use effectively in the classroom is a web log or blog in short. The web log allows students to put in short information online regularly. A teacher can have a blog where students can read information that may be tips on homework, advice or any other information. Students can also put in their own entries into blogs that other students can respond creating a form of journal. Information passed on here will relate to the specific subjects taught by the teacher.The other form of classroom technology that teachers can effectively use is pod casting. Podcast work like radio shows where many people pass information. The information passed in the class will relate to lectures and the teacher may add music and pictures depending on the topic of discussion. The equipment required for pod casts is a microphone that one connects to a computer and software that allows for pod casting. The software is available for download. Students can podcast discussions or create podcast to share researched information. Pod casting also allows the students to interview people who may be more knowledgeable in the specific subject or topic that the teacher is teaching.Another type of classroom technology that teachers can incorporate into lessons is e-books. These are books available for download online and teachers can create e-books that the students can use. The steps to follow are to research information, put it on Microsoft Word and make additions that make it interesting and then upload it to Lulu. The students will then be able to access it. The use of such technology in the classroom will not only make the lessons interesting, but will also enhance the understanding of material covered in class.