Online Safety Tips – Where Hackers Like to Hide

The main goal of any hacker is to get some personal information or to use PC resources to send spam and viruses. I guess you have already got some viruses on your PC and, of course, any of us reinstalled Windows at least once because system efficiency became very slow. That is the result of viruses.So, how hackers deliver viruses to your PC?You always know how, but never follow simple rules:1) Do not visit URLs that you receive through IM or Email messages (even from friends, colleagues and family members). Make sure that they have sent you that first.2) Do not surf the sites with illegal content (adult sites, warez sites, etc.). It is much safer to order a paid product to escape problems with your Personal Information identity in future.3) Never download unknown files from the Internet because they can contain a for your antivirus software virus. It will not scan it and your PC will be infected.Recently, US specialists (CRN group and some others) found out that hackers can use VoIP services to hide Dos-attacks. Thousands of infected PCs transfer tons of traffic to a particular server very fast. The aim is to reboot it or to turn if off.The technology of VoIP services cannot be blocked by firewall of ISP that is why this is a high effective method for nowadays. Usually hackers use IM protocols for such purposes.Millions of people receive ICQ spam daily. This is the most widespread method that spammers use to deliver ads. But hackers use this technology too, so you should be very careful as it can contain a virus. While spammers just send advertisement messages, hackers in their turn send friendly texts to hook the attention of the user.Today, there are no any effective techniques to fight ICQ spam for full. You just may use different spam filters that are usually not effective at all. So, the best way to protect yourself from viruses and identity theft is to keep an eye open for the content in your messages. Check it twice before replying.So, where are hackers like to hide? In ICQ messages, in Skype and Vonage. They love all new technologies that are not secured in a proper way.All in all, hackers hack only those who are not prepared for their visit. So, be armed at all points and surf the Internet easily and freely.